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Pool & Spa Water Testing

We can help you keep your pool and spa ready for the family all year round.

We offer water testing service at all our stores.  All you have to do is bring a water sample and we will run it through our analysis machine and print out a report that shows exactly the levels that the pool is at and how to return them so it’s safe for the family to swim in. The test is free when purchasing a pool product and we can also give you a free water testing bottle for next time.

To take a water sample correctly, rinse the new bottle with water from the pool; don’t use tap water as this can affect the reading.  Immerse the bottle, holding it upside down until it is at the depth of your elbow, then turn it right side up so that it fills.  Seal the bottle tightly and bring it into one of our stores.  Don’t leave it in a hot car as this may lead to a false test result.

CLICK HERE to find out how to read more about maintaining your pool or spa.

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