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Dog Jacket Fitting

Ok, so the fashionistas might call it a ‘cat walk’ but we know that even dogs like to strut their stuff too!  We also know that there’s nothing worse than wearing badly fitting jackets so instead of guessing your dogs’ size, bring them in and let them try on the jackets and jumpers from our most recent collection.

Our team will measure your dog and then help you find just the right outfit to suit your dog and bring out the sparkle in its eyes.  And, if you can’t bring your dog into store, that’s no problem.  Take a look at the chart below and bring in the measurements of your dog’s back and its waist but, if you choose the wrong size, no problem.  Just save the receipt and bring it back within a few days and we will exchange it for another (conditions of exchange apply).

Alternatively, it is easy to take your dog’s measurements so that you can pick the best size.
To do this simply measure the distance from the base of their neck to the base of their tail and also the girth around their waist.

Chest Girth: Is the size of your dogs chest, at the widest point, which is generally found directly behind the front legs and up and over the back, or alternatively the thickest part of the body or trunk. Take into consideration the amount of fur your pooch has. If it doesn’t fit around the chest, it won’t fit! Next important measurement is the length unless you have a breed with a large neck.

Length: The Length measurement is from the base of the neck (where their collar sits) to the base of the tail (where the tail is attached). This is the most common measurement for dog clothing, however the back length will not matter if the chest measurement is not appropriate. Do not go by weight if it is a clothing item. The lengths stated are the length of the item, this is more of a guide to how long the item will be on your pet’s back. The dog should be standing for this measurement, sitting can add centimetres.

Neck: The neck measurement is taken around the dogs neck where their collar would naturally sit. For sizing a collar, the collar should be at least 5cm longer than the neck size. This measurement is particularly important for large neck dogs such as pugs, and small neck dogs such as chihuahua’s and greyhounds.

Other Major Sizing Considerations:

NB. Every designer has their own sizing. Every apparel, collar or footwear items has that vendors size chart posted. Use the measurements rather than weight as just with humans, weight does not dictate a specific size.

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