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How Can a Dog Backpack Help with Behaviour?

Bouncy, energetic or reactive dogs come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common, if they don’t use up their energy, they can get up to mischief. This could be in the form of destruction, constant barking, escaping the backyard, or as aggression towards other people or dogs. Let’s explore how a dog backpack can help with this behaviour.

How can a Dog Backpack help?

Dogs have energy, and the backyard life for 99% of our pets is BORING! Going for a stroll each day, or worse, a couple of times a week just isn’t enough for some dogs. Some have high physical energy and some need real mental stimulation to tire them out.

“If your dog is chewing the outdoor furniture, digging holes or escaping, they are looking for something to do.”

High-energy, nervous and anxious dogs seem to respond very well to ‘having a job to do’. Plus, it uses up to 3 times more energy than walking without a backpack so a 15-minute walk becomes the equivalent of a 45-minute walk when an appropriately weighted backpack is worn.

That’s got to help the before-work schedule hey?

Why use a Backpack?

How to use a Backpack?

Dog Backpack being used

NB: We recommend a vet assessment for dogs with back or hip problems or older dogs before use. If you continued to have problems with your dog’s behaviour, please ask us in-store. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to help with mischievous dogs and we might just have the perfect one for your problem.

For more advice on backpacks, visit us with your pooch, in-store, seven days a week.

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