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Dog Jackets, Coats and Jumpers


Cold winter days and nights are felt by our dogs as well as us.  Dog jackets, coats and jumpers provide warmth and protection from the elements which is even more important for older dogs or those suffering from arthritis.  Just like our clothes, dog apparel follows fashion trends and every year new styles are brought out so that any dog can make a statement on the “cat walk”.

New season jackets and coats are available every year in sizes to suit all dogs including the hard-to-fit breeds.

Dog jackets or coats should never stay on a dog all day.  It is important that a dog’s fur and skin is allowed to shed and adjust to temperatures normally.

Indoor dogs have the luxury of staying inside near the heater but they still have to venture outside for a bit of exercise and to relieve themselves.  Indoor dogs often have fur that’s not as well equipped for keeping them warm.  Since they spend so much of their time in rooms with regulated temperatures, the thickness of their fur is slow to adjust to the outside elements.

Light weight coats and jumpers are ideal for dogs that stay indoors.  They help trap the warm air close to the dog’s skin without feeling too heavy or becoming too hot.  They can also be thrown into the washing machine regularly to stay fresh and clean.



Indoor dogs might also benefit from a waterproof rain coat so that they can go for their daily walk without ending up with that “wet dog” smell.  Light rain coats are ideal as just like us, dogs build up heat under their clothing as they exercise.  These raincoats are often fastened with Velcro or clips.



Dogs just love a bit of attention and what better way than with a novelty t-shirt or coat.  A huge variety is available including formal wear for weddings and special occasions and some to support your favourite sports team.




Dogs that stay outside for most of the day and especially at night will benefit greatly from a warm jacket or coat.  They look forward to having someone from the family come out in the late afternoon to put their “pyjamas” on, give them a cuddle and maybe a treat as well.  And in the morning, when it’s time for the jacket to come off, what better time is there to run around and have a quick game to get the blood flowing and the day underway.


They are just like pyjamas for dogs and the removable hoodie makes them very trendy. Sweatshirts are easily washed in the washing machine and because they are soft and fastened with press studs, are very comfortable to wear.



Quilted coats have thicker padding to provide extra warmth, especially for short haired dogs.  They are available in a range of colours including tartan which is terrific for not showing any dirt and they are fully washable and adjustable with Velcro flaps.




Even dogs want to make a fashion statement and what better way than with an overcoat?  These have pockets and a collar just like the real thing and are both warm and water resistant.  They are hard wearing and quite comfortable for a dog to wear.




Nylon coats come in a range of colours and styles and can be both water resistant and completely waterproof.  They are ideal for outdoor dogs that need some protection from dampness as well as extra warmth.  They are easily wiped clean and fastened with Velcro flaps or clips.


Of course, you can bring your dog in to any Better Pets and Gardens store and our friendly staff will happily help you to choose and fit them for the perfect jacket.  You can then watch your dog do a bit of a “cat walk” to see how they walk and move in it.

Alternatively, click the link below that will guide you on how to take your dog’s measurements so that you can pick the best size.