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Waterwise & Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable gardening actually incorporates being waterwise but we’ve lumped it all together as many people are more familiar with the term waterwise but not so sure about what sustainable gardening means.

Being waterwise in the garden is not only good for the environment and important for maintaining good levels of water for the community, but with the increasing cost of water, it helps householders save money.  And, the funny thing is, that often applying less water to the plants is good since many people don’t realise that they can do more damage to a plant with too much water than too little.

Sustainable gardening is one step on from being waterwise.  It involves making decisions about how to garden in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment and perhaps even contribute positively to it.  A sustainable gardener won’t let any green waste leave their property and instead will compost it to put back on to the garden.  They will carefully choose plants to suit their environment perfectly so that they will grow into healthy specimens that can withstand pests and diseases and they will recycle as much as they possibly can.

Most gardeners naturally take on sustainable techniques without thinking but there’s always something new that can be learned to make that bit more of a positive difference.  Take a look at our fact sheets and consider whether there are any sustainable techniques that you could incorporate into your own garden.


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