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Soil, Compost & Mulches

There’s a saying in the gardening world that you don’t put a $10 plant in a $2 hole.  It basically means that there’s no point investing in a fabulous plant only to bring it home and stick it in the ground with no thought about what’s going to help it grow.  Plants are just like us and need food and water but here in WA, our soil is often impoverished and the water just won’t soak down into it.  Without investing a bit of time in improving the hole, the results are always going to be disappointing.

Luckily, there are some really easy ways to improve the soil so that no matter what is planted, it will thrive and give great results.  Just remember, planting is not much different to painting a wall.  To get the best result, all the hard work and time is done in the preparation.

Browse our fact sheets.  They give great advice on ways to improve our WA soil, what the best mulches are for different garden beds and how to make rich compost that is like gold for the garden.

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