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Propagating Seeds & Cuttings

Growing plants from seeds or cuttings is not only cheap but it’s extremely rewarding.  There are many plants, especially some herbs and vegies, that are actually best grown from seed because it helps reduce transplant shock and improves the vigour of their growth.

It’s actually not very hard to get great results from seeding and cutting and we’re fortunate that we have an experienced grower who, prior coming to Better Pets and Gardens, owned a production nursery so she has shared all of her tricks and techniques in our fact sheets and trained our staff so that we can be sure that our customers are getting the best advice.

We asked her if she had just one tip for home gardeners to keep in mind when growing from seed and cuttings, she said that it was to plant more than you think you need.  Sure, you might end up with all of them growing but there is almost always some that are lost so you should still end up with something to plant.  Besides, if you have 100% success, you just give your new plants away to friends and family.

Take a look at our fact sheets and give it a go.  You never know, you might just dig propagating!

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