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Seasonal Gardening Jobs

Gardens are forever changing.  In summer everything looks a little bit tired from the heat but when the first rains come it all bounces back and so we get outdoors and prune the trees and tidy up the hedges and in late autumn we make sure that we prune the roses.  Eventually, winter arrives and we make the most of the cold weather by transplanting but the highlight is spring when the garden glistens with colour and vibrancy.  Mind you, we can’t help but curse the fact that the weeds have taken over again.

All of these gardening jobs happen a bit like clockwork but as each season approaches, new challenges arise and sometimes you wonder, “Is this the best time of the year to be doing this job?”   To answer this question, we’ve developed Seasonal Fact Sheets that help to outline what jobs to do during each of the seasons whether it’s in the vegie patch, the ornamental garden or the lawn.  Each season, print off a fact sheet and use it as a guide for jobs to be done throughout the year.


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