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Plants & Flowers

Really, a garden is just a canvas painted with the colours of a million flowers and leaves.  We see it from a distance as a wonderful landscape but as we look closer we see striking vistas which are made with the clever combining of individual plants and flowers.  That is where the magic happens.

There are two different types of gardeners.  Those that are collectors who love to seek out new plants for the garden and can’t stop themselves from bringing home something new whenever they get the chance only to clear a spot to squeeze it into.  And then there are the designers, the ones that plan their garden and when they find that they have a spot to plant something, they decide what they want and go out to find the perfect thing.

It doesn’t matter what type of gardener you are, it’s all about the joy of gardening and the sheer pleasure of planting something and then watching it grow over the coming seasons.  Of all hobbies, apparently gardeners live the longest and we think that’s because they are always looking forward with anticipation of the next season.

We hope that our fact sheets help in your planning for your garden but come back often as we are always adding to them.

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