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Pests & Diseases

These days there are many options for dealing with pests and diseases in the garden and it can be very confusing to decide which is the best one.

Long gone are the heavy duty chemicals that will kill just about anything in the near vicinity – government legislation has deemed that these can’t be sold at all which we think is fantastic.   The positive outcome of this is that manufacturers have now put a lot more work into developing natural and low-chemical products that will do just as a good a job but without killing all the bees and beneficial bugs in the garden or putting unnecessary chemicals into the environment.

Every Better Pets and Gardens has low chemical as well as natural options for dealing with pests and diseases.  Sometimes the solution isn’t in a bottle and instead involves a different gardening technique and we are very happy to give you advice on this.  If you’re not sure what the problem is in your garden, take a photo or bring in a few leaves in a plastic bag and we can first identify it and then suggest a solution.

Take a look at our fact sheets as these can give some great ideas as well and don’t forget, if you have a gardening question you can always ask us on Facebook or email us and we will help.

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