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Garden Care & Maintenance

Every now and again you have to get out into the garden for the day to give the roses a good prune, or rake up the leaves, cut back the trees or perhaps do some transplanting but mostly, the key to having a manageable garden is to get out there little and often.

Make sure you have the right tools available and always have your garden gloves, secateurs and a bucket handy so that you can pop out for a few minutes to do a little bit of weeding, pick a few flowers for the house or dead head the perennials.  A few minutes here and there in the garden, especially in the morning or at dusk, is a wonderful way to keep the garden looking fresh but more importantly, it’s a relaxing way to recharge and have a few minutes of quiet and solitude away from the stresses of life.

Our fact sheets will show you how to do some of the jobs in the garden but really, most gardening knowledge comes from giving it a go.  Go on, get growing!

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