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Garden Visitors

Western Australia is blesses with some intriguing birds and animals that don’t seem to have any problems with wandering into a garden to spend a bit of time and in fact, some of them are very welcome visitors.  Sure the possoms eat the fruit before you get the chance (we’ve got a great tip for them in our fact sheets, by the way) but the lizards and goannas help control the snails and many of the birds help in pollination.  Regardless, they all add colour and interest and should all be encouraged.

An inviting garden to these curious creatures is one which has the food that they are after, water that they can access and places for them to hide in away from any predators.  Of course, even the household dog and cat are predators for birds and Australian native animals so keep them in mind when finding ways to entice visitors to the garden.

Our fact sheets will give lots of information that should be useful in encouraging (or even discouraging) birds, lizards and other animals to the garden.

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