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Fish, Aquariums & Ponds

Browse our fact sheets but if you still need more advice on your aquariums and ponds, no problem!  We can help.

Contact your Nearest Store.
Drop in to your nearest store and have a chat with our trained staff or contact them by phone or email.  All of our stores have dozens of tanks lining the walls housing a whole range of freshwater and marine fish.  We stock food, including live food, for any fish species and have a massive range of ornaments, tanks, pumps, filters and ponds available.  And, if we don’t have it, we will try our hardest to source what you are after for your aquariums and ponds.  Find your nearest store.

Email your question to our Experts.
At Better Pets and Gardens we have experts available to answer any question that you have.  Just send an email to

Visit us on Facebook.
We regularly have experts on Facebook answering questions and, in between that, if you ask a question we will find the answer for you anyway.

Don’t forget, we also offer FREE aquarium and pond water testing!


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