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Summer Gardening Preparations

Nature certainly does know how to turn it on. As soon as Christmas arrives we get the hot weather. Every year I forget how harsh the sun is and I’m always surprised at how certain plants thrive through the hot weather, while others struggle. Soil conditions certainly play a major part in keeping a garden […]

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Gardening in August

At the end of winter we are yearning for some colour in the garden; even a few strategically placed annuals will brighten up the dullest area. Look out for pansies, lobelia, marigolds, gazanias which are all in full flower now. The Kangaroo Paws are starting to flower and will bring a smile to any self-respecting […]

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Make the Most of Early Winter Rain

The benefits of early rains are obvious with stressed plants coming back to life almost immediately.  It gives us renewed enthusiasm to get stuck into the garden and enjoy the extra moisture. Sand to Soil If your garden soil is less than desirable and retains no water, the addition of a bentonite based product is […]

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Save your garden from the sun

This is the hottest month of the year and many gardeners are hibernating inside, only to appear in the cool of the evening. Plants are incredibly resilient and will cope with the hot weather better than we give them credit for but remember that a thick layer of chunky mulch to shade the soil and […]

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Summer is a great time of the year with plenty of warm sunshine and long days, however it’s also a time that your furry friends and green gardens need some extra attention to keep them happy and healthy!  So, we’ve come up with 10 TOP TIPS to help your pets and gardens thrive throughout these […]

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Holidays are here but there’s work to be done

January is a favourite time for many families. It’s a great time to involve the kids with a few gardening projects over the school holidays. Large planters filled with their favourite vegies or flowers are quick and easy projects to get them excited about gardening. Choose varieties of plants that are waterwise and look good […]

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January Gardening

January is the month of festivities and fun so enjoy your time in the garden.  A few jobs done at this time of the year ensures that it will look fantastic for the remainder of summer. Choose the cool of the evening to garden since it’s amazing what can be achieved in a short time. […]

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Beach Etiquette

With weather warming up it’s time to dust off the bathers and head down the beach for some fun with the dogs. So it’s also the time to talk about “beach etiquette” and how to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the beach this summer.     Every dog owner has a responsibility to keep […]

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Surviving Thunder and Fireworks

With thunder storms and the knowledge that the fireworks will become more frequent over the coming few months of festivities, it got me talking to my friends about fears and phobias in dogs. What is the best way to deal with situations where a dog is really scared of something like thunder or fireworks? What […]

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Speaking Out: Signs of Heatstroke & Dehydration in Pets – Amber Kingsley

When we Speak Out on our pet blog, it also means listening to our animals when they may be trying to tell us when they’re uncomfortable, sick or diseased – and it’s really hard to tell sometimes. Even though they can’t communicate with words, especially when temperatures start to rise, we can still recognise some […]

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