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Adoption Day Events

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Better Pets and Gardens are committed to supporting Pet Rescue Organisations across WA in the pursuit to find forever homes for abandoned dogs and cats. Every year pet rescue groups struggle to care for hundreds of homeless and abandoned animals or those that would otherwise be facing euthanasia.   Many receive little or no funding assistance and are totally managed and operated by volunteers.

Better Pets and Gardens has consistently supported these important groups through in-store “Adopt Me” days  during the year and our annual “Paws & Claus Christmas Appeal”. This means that the benefits of the Better Pets Adoption Day are far reaching.

“Each of our stores, work with a local pet rescue group as we aim to re-home as many dogs and cats as possible as well as raise money to help support them,” said Stuart Stonehouse, the Franchisor of Better Pets and Gardens.   “There’s something special about these rescued pets and they deserve a good home.  Once they have that, it’s as if they know that they are finally in safe hands and they learn to trust their new family, and become incredibly loving and loyal pets.”

Better Pets and Gardens would like to encourage those thinking of adding a pet to their home to consider adopting a rescue pet, who are looking for a forever home instead.  These animals long to be part of a loving family where they feel safe and secure and they become devoted to their new owners who give them a future that they might not otherwise have. Even if you are not looking for a new member to join your family, donations of pet food, bedding and treats, even old blankets and towels are greatly appreciated by these rescue groups and on our “Adopt Me” days, you are most welcome to pop in, say hello and show your support to this wonderful initiative.

Everyone at Better Pets and Gardens would like to pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the amazing volunteers that spend the day in our stores  and to our customers who are always so supportive. We love hosting theses days and can’t wait to do it all over again.

Visit our Facebook page for upcoming events

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